Norwich & District Photographic Society


Print pa‍‍‍nel and annual exhibition

Print Panel Wa‍‍‍rd

The competition consists of either a set of three (3) images on individual mounts presented as a panel with a single theme or triptych of images all shown on the same mount.

‍‍‍There is no restriction on either subject matter or manipulation so as to allow the broadest possibility for members to show their creativity.

The current holder of the Print Panel Award is Claire Bullion who winning triptych ‘Spinning’ is shown below:‍‍‍

Annual Ex‍‍‍hibi‍‍‍tion

The primary objective of the NDPS Annual Exhibition is to showcase the Society and the talent of its members to the Publ‍‍‍ic.  

‍‍‍The first Annual Exhibition was held in March 1904, and except being suspended during the two World Wars has taken place every year since.  In July 2016 NDPS held its centenary exhibition in the Hostry at Norwich Cathedral; a record that very few other photographic clubs throughout the country cam equal.

The Annual Exhibitions have been held at Norwich Cathedral for more than 20 years, and since 2010 when it was opened they have been held in the Hostry.  NDPS continues to be extremely grateful to the Dean and Chapter for the honour of being allowed to use this wonderful exhibition space and to all the Cathedral staff for their help and assistance each year.The Annual Exhibition consists primarily of print images, but digital images are displayed on a screen throughout the exhibition.  

The Annual Exhibition comprises different classes for example, Landscape (Colour and Mono), Portraiture (Colour and Mono), etc.

The winning entry for each class will be displayed during the exhibition together with those images in each class that the judge(s) considers merit the recognition Commended and Highly Commended.  Other images displayed at the exhibition will be at the discretion of the Exhibition Secretary and the Committee.  However, to have an image displayed in the Annual Exhibition members must first compete in a ‘hanging competition’.  Images that achieve the minimum threshold score of 8/10 from the judge are, subject to sufficient space being available are displayed in the exhibition.  However, in addition all members who enter a minimum of three (3) prints are guaranteed to have at least one (1) image displayed.

Certificates are also awarded as follows:

Commended score between 8.5/10 and 9/10

Highly Commended score between 9.5/ and 10/10

In addition, certificates are also presented to winning entries judged to be best in class and trophy winners. a)

The Annual Exhibition comprises different classes for example, Landscape (Colour and Mono), Portraiture (Colour and Mono), etc.

The following slideshow contains the winners of the most prestigious exhibition awards:

NDPS held a Public Competition for the first time in parallel with the 2017 Annual Exhibition.  On offer was a place in the exhibition for three photographers whose work was judged to be the best submitted.  The competition proved to be a huge success with more than two hun‍‍‍dred (200) entries being received that proved to dem‍‍‍onstrate the wealth of talent amongst local photographers.

Due to the large number of entries judging took place over two (2) rounds.  In the first round the entries were reduced to twenty (20) images that went through to be judged by John Wilcox LRPS, CPAGB who also judged the ‘hanging competition’ for the 2017 exhibition.  The eventual winners of the inaugural Public Competition were:

Bradley Damms – Cromer Sunset

Justin Minns LRPS – Snow in the Dunes

Rob Stephens – Faces of India

Bradley, Justin and Rob were presented with framed certificates by Ray Padden LRPS, DPAGB, EFIAP President of the EAF when he officially opened the 102nd Annual Exhibition.  It is planned to continue to hold a Public Competition and to exhibit the winning entries alongside NDPS members’ work in future Annual Exhibitions.