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Poty and image of the year


NDPS Internal Competitions are open to all members who have paid the appropriate subscription for the current season.

General Guidelines & Conditions of Entry for NDPS Competitions (including how to submit images) are available to download on the NDPS website.

Photographer of the Year (POTY)

The prestigious and ever popular ‘Photographer of the Year’ (POTY) held over multiple rounds throughout the season is the premier competition of the NDPS programme that all members are encouraged to enter.

This year (2018-2019 season) there are five rounds all on different subjects.   Members can submit up to three images for each round and are encouraged to do so as only the two highest scores they are awarded will count towards their cumulative score for POTY.

The following is a summary of the POTY rounds for the forthcoming season:

Round 1: Tuesday 25th September 2018 (Digital).  Theme ‘Monochrome Open’ with no restriction on subject matter.  Monochrome images are limited to normal black and white or greyscale tones.  Toning may be employed to create an overall cast such as Sepia Toning over the whole image.  No other colour is to be introduced in any part of the image.

Round 2:Tuesday 23rd October 2018 (Print).   Theme ‘Motion’.  The challenge in this round is to communicate motion - a dog running, a train thundering down the tracks, or trees that are blowing in the wind are all example of images that capture motion.

Round 3:Tuesday 4th December 2018 (Digital).  Theme ‘Images taken from either a high or low point of view’. Point of view in photography simply means the position from which the camera sees the scene. Are you looking down on the subject (high) or Are you looking up at the subject (low).  The challenge this round is to use these techniques to make your images stand out.  

Round 4: Tuesday 19th February 2019 (Print).  Theme ‘After dark’ which for the purposes of this round is simply defined as the period of time between sunset and sunrise.

Round 5:Tuesday 23rd April 2019 (Digital).   Theme ‘Creative Eye’.  This is a deliberately broad subject to allow the maximum freedom to be creative.

In addition, each of the five rounds of Photographer of the Year is a ‘competition within a competition’ with the winner of the round being the member whose entry is awarded first place by the judge irrespective of the aggregate score of their best two images that count in their overall score in POTY.

Anyone who has any queries should direct these in the first instance to the Competition Secretary.

The current holder of the POTY title is Rob Howarth whose winning images are shown in the slideshow below:

Image of the Year (IOTY)

Image of the Year is the climax of the competition season and is normally held a few weeks before the Annual Awards Evening.  There are separate awards for both the Print and Digital IOTY.

The first three images in each round of POTY are automatically entered in the appropriate IOTY competition and in addition each member is allowed to enter one print and one digital image.

The current holder of the Print IOTY award is Maurice Young and Mike Trendell is the current holder of the Digital IOTY.  Both these winning images is shown below.