Norwich & District Photographic Society



‍‍‍The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain, whose headquarters are in Bath, is independent of the foregoing organisations, is a learned society, which promotes the art an‍‍‍d practice of photography internationally.  It comprises amateur and professional photographers worldwide.  It organises exhibitions, runs courses and seminars and also awards distinctions.  It has many specialist interest groups that promote particular aspects of photography as well as a regional structure. A Journal and other specialist technical papers are published by the RPS.  The Distinctions of the RPS are:

LRPS – Licentiate

ARPS – Associate

FRPS – Fellow

These are awarded upon submission of work to a distinctions panel and are widely recognised by all photographers.  A number of NDPS members have been awarded these distinctions.

NDPS is a member of the East Anglian Federation of Photographic Societies (EAF).  This comprises approximately 125 clubs in the East Anglian region (Norfolk, Suffolk,‍‍‍ Essex, Cambridgeshire, parts of Hertfordshire and North and East London).  Part of your membership fee goes to paying the EAF subscription.

The EAF organises:-

Annual print and projected image exhibitions

Annual print and projected image club championships

All day print and slide "Spectaculars"

Judges workshops

Lists of lecturers and judges in the region

Lists of societies and clubs in the region

The Annual Exhibitions are selected from work submitted by individual members through their club or society.  Having work exhibited at the EAF is regarded as prestigious as the photographs displayed are regarded as among the best in the region and will be seen by a wide audience.

One very important aspect of the EAF's work is the training of judges and the accreditation of judges to the 'A', 'B' or 'C' Panels.  From these lists clubs draw the judges for their competitions and exhibitions.  Anyone interested in becoming a judge can attend an annual workshop following which they may be invited to join one of the panels.

The EAF organises two full-day "Spectaculars" every year when leading national and international photographers are invited to show and talk about their work.  These are extremely popular and usually it is necessary to book early.  Information about the events is announced at Society meetings, on the notice board and in the Bulletin.

The Society is affiliated t‍‍‍o the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain through the EAF. The PAGB consists of the fifteen regional Federations in the United Kingdom and therefore photographic clubs across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are part of a national organisation.

The PAGB organises:

Annual print and slide exhibitions

National inter-club print and slide championships

A handbook published bi-annually incorporating lists of regional, national and international judges, and regional and national lecturers and speakers

Recorded lecture service

Insurance cover for clubs

Awards of Distinctions for photographic ability

Awards certificates for meritorious services to the affiliated societies and their members

The PAGB Annual Exhibitions are highly prestigious, as images displayed will have been selected from those submitted by the regional Federations.  Anyone getting an acceptance into “the PAGB” can be justly proud that their work has been recognised at a national level.  The exhibitions are shown at a number of venues throughout the United Kingdom.

The PAGB Inter-Club Print and Slide Championships are national events to decide the best clubs in each category with each Federation nominating their best two clubs to compete.

The PAGB produce and issue to each club a handbook listing all lecturers and judges from all of the affiliated Federations and is essential in preparing our programme.  The people listed charge only expenses when visiting clubs.  It would be almost impossible to provide a programme at reasonable cost without the PAGB's co-ordination of such a list.  They also provide a list of judges deemed capable of judging and selecting at international level.

The PAGB plays a leading role in the setting of standards in photography through its distinctions scheme.  The awards are:

Credit - CPAGB    

Distinction - DPAGB  

Master – MPAGB

CPAGB is considered to represent a "Good Club Standard",   DPAGB is "Open Exhibition Standard" and MPAGB is the "Highest Level of Amateur Photography".

These are not to be confused with APAGB which is an honour awarded to recognise a person who has given outstanding service to photographers belonging to the member societies of the PAGB.

BPE stands for British Photographic Exhibitions and encompasses about 15 national open exhibitions e.g. Solihull, Southport, Clay Cross, Rushden etc.  Points are awarded for acceptances into these exhibitions - one point for each photograph accepted - and distinctions are awarded as follows:

25 p‍‍‍oints 1 crown

50 points 2 crowns

100 points 3 crowns

200 points 4 crowns

300 points 5 crowns

The awards are called crowns but usually shown as * as computers do not have a crown on the normal keyboard...! There are also ABPE (Associate) and FBPE (Fellow) awards.

If NDPS members wish to participate in these exhibitions NDPS will whenever possible send a joint entry to reduce the cost of postage.

The International Federation of Photographic Art is an International Federation whose members are national photographic federations, one per country, i.e. the PAGB.  There are over 70 countries represented in FIAP.  

FIAP organises Biennial exhibitions where member countries can show their best work and the exhibition takes place in a different country each time.  FIAP also supports international exhibitions that meet certain minimum standards.  As additional encouragement to photographers FIAP has a worldwide system of distinctions earned by success in FIAP supported exhibitions.  These are:

AFIAP – Artist

EFIAP – Excellence

MFIAP – Master Photographer

The MFIAP is probably the greatest photographic honour in the world.  There are also two honorary awards for services to photography namely; ESFIAP and Hon EFIAP.