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Maurice Young, April 23 2019

Next year's International 3-way Battle...

I received an email over the Easter period from our friends in Koblenz about the next International Battle between Koblenz, Nivernais and ourselves.  I've copied the email below which set's out the theme for the competition:

I hope you have had a nice Easter with your families. Here we had a warm  summer day with no clouds in the sky, but the weather is going to change as the wind is getting stronger, blowing sheets of door-to-door newspapers in the air. This situation, for example, can be included in the new topic of our Three-way-battle 2019/2020, which is  "Paper".

The topic is intentionally broadly defined, including all variations of paper, starting with its production (cellulose) and continuing with its use in a practical, worked up and playful form. It´s desirable to implement the topic in a creative way.

You can take pictures of paper (board), cardboard (rolls), papyrus, and other processed items.

Taking pictures of trees (raw material) or `plastic paper`doesn´t hit the topic.

As for the mode of the competition we follow your developed rules.

Written by

Maurice Young

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