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Seventy Digital, January 25 2019

New Monthly Challenge for NDPS Members to participate in...

The results of the recent Cambridge Camera Club's Inter-club Digital Challenge clearly shows that when we are able to enter our best work NDPS is capable of being placed amongst the top half a dozen clubs in external competitions that are held in East Anglia including the EAF's Annual Championships.
The challenge we face therefore is to make sure we get to see and are able to select from the best of each and every members' work.

Clearly, many NDPS members like a challenge because a number have entered 'Gurushots' challenges' this season and are progressing through the various achievement levels as their work improves. Looking at the images these members have entered into different Gurushots challenges also proves that the are many images that are not being seen by NDPS Selectors from which we can choose images for external competitions that the Society enters.In addition, it seems likely that other members who have not joined Gurushots who also have work that has not been seen...!

Therefore a new initiative has beeb startd - a monthly challenge amongst ALL members of NDPS. Today there is another option on the 'submit' page of the website called 'Monthly Challenge' for that purpose.

Starting on the 1st February members can enter up to three images into the first challenge. There is no singe theme so images can be Monochrome, People, Scenes, Wildlife and Nature or on any other theme (Open).PDIs should be 1,600 x 1,200 pixels as normal.At the end of the month I shall anonymously post all the images received on the 'NDPS Members Only' Facebook Page and everyone can vote for those images by simply adding a 'LIKE', The images with the most LIKES will then be announced.

When you submit an image you should name it as follows:
TITLE OF IMAGE_First Surname_FEB for February's challenge, MAR for March and so on...

In the month following the challenge we shall review the top 6-10 images at a Members' Evening. Each image will be presented for critique by the photographer first. It is specifically not a competition so there will be no scores but a learning environment aimed at making sure everyone gets friendly positive feedback and that everyone's work improves.

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