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Maurice Young, April 19 2019

Data Protection - Images of people

The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) to which Norwich and District Photographic Society is affiliated to through the East Anglian Photographic Federation (EAF) has considered one aspect of EU-GDPR (data protection regulations) and issued advice to member Societies and Clubs concerning data protection and images of people

Is it legitimate to take and store images of people, taken in a public place, and to show them at Society or Club, Federation or PAGB events, or in Exhibitions...?

The advice is contained in an advisory document only and does not set out a policy or rules for anyone to follow. It is intended only as guidelines for Clubs/Societies when making their own rules.  Whilst the document has been researched and PAGB believe it to be accurate, they accept no responsibility for any errors or incorrect statements and cannot be held liable for any consequent actions which may arise.

Written by

Maurice Young

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